Model Railroad Signaling

Our model railroad signaling system has been designed to provide the most operational realism possible while ensuring that the hobbyist can remain focused on building the railway and not the signal system.

The DBM signal controller has been designed to understand all types of realistic signal applications and recreate these functions without the aid of a computer. The DBM is named aptly for its purpose. The Digital Bungalow Module (DBM) performs all tasks that would be performed at a real railroad house (bungalow) at the wayside.

Various available I/O modules make the DBM very versatile, enabling the type of I/O that is necessary for the layout specific conditions needed. The DBM can interface to our standard switch control interface which allows a wide range of switch machine motors to be used for control of switches in turnouts.

Various types of signaling system can be created with the DBM and none of them require a computer for the system to operate. A computer is only used to configure the DBM originally and can optionally be used as a dispatcher interface if needed. No traditional computer programming is required to create a powerful signal system from simple Automatic Block Signaling (ABS) and Absolute/Permissive Block (APB), to Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) from single track with dark sidings, up to multi-track systems with complex speed-signaling.

CTC  is possible by using the Operations mode of our configuration freeware Signal Suite.  Full CTC functionality is available including train tracking and ‘NX’ routing.

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