2021 Amherst Virtual Train Show


Welcome to everyone who makes it here from the Amherst Virtual Train Show!

We are excited to be part of this show, even though we attend it remotely this year.  This year would have been Signalogic Systems’ third year in West Springfield.  We miss the atmosphere and comradery we found there.

In step with the virtual show, we launch our new website.  Not everything that we wanted is as ready as hoped, but we will endeavor to continue to build content on the site and allow patrons of the show to contact us if needed.

This year we would have been showcasing our signal system which we are getting ever so close to releasing more openly to customers.  In the last year we were able to finalize our ability to update firmware in our DBM controller, allowing customers to upgrade their system when needed.  This was a huge step for us to accept more customers at further distances from our reaches.

Currently we will work directly with customers, to determine their needs and help provide the products needed to complete the system they want.  Our configuration software Signal Suite (freeware) will allow customers to configure the DBM controller(s) for their specific layout requirements.  Signal Suite is not fully developed to allow that level of customer involvement.  As such, we will be involved until the software matures.  Contact us know if you are interested in starting with our signal system!

We also plan to be offering a starter kit which will provide a little bit of everything you need to start dabbling in the signal system.  This will include the DBM signal controller, numerous I/O cards for interfacing to block detectors, switch motors and signal models.  It will also contain sample block detectors, switch motor interfaces and the USB Gateway module that allows connection to a PC computer for configuration and operation of the system.

We look forward to 2021.  Lots of new doors will be opening for customers at Signalogic Systems.