We are going to Train-Fest Train Show!


We are excited to attend Milwaukee’s Train-Fest Train Show this coming November 12-13th, 2022!  This is our first year at this show and hope to meet some model railroaders that we haven’t seen before.  Bringing our operating display showcasing, we look forward to showing our innovative products for signaling, grade crossings, train detection and turnout controls!

Train Show Display

Stop signals

Amherst 2020

Signalogic Systems at a 2020 Railroad Show

Progress on our signaling system platform has continued which will allow customers to deploy our systems all on their own!  We currently provide services to customers to help them configure their system in the meantime.  We will be happy to walk you through the process!

A 30 minute presentation is scheduled each day to discuss our product line and help solidify what we offer.  This is a great time to learn about our products and hear answers to questions you may not have thought of!

Come see us at booth 206-I.  See you at the Train-Fest Train Show!

See https://www.train-fest.com/ for more information!