Twin-Coil Model Railroad Switch Controller


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The TCSC twin-coil model railroad switch controller operates most 3-wire twin-coil ‘snap’ switch machines.

Features of the TCSC include:

    • Capacitor Discharge
    • Active switch position feedback
    • Standard switch interface I/O
    • Optional relay drive output for frog power routing

This product uses the capacitor-discharge method to throw a switch.  Energy is stored in a capacitor and released into the switch machine solenoid coil to change the switch position.  The capacitor is charged to over 20V, ensuring even the most demanding switch machines are thrown successfully.

Switch position is actively determined by utilizing the same three coil connections to throw the switch.  This is called switch indication.  Switch indication is reported properly by the TCSC even when the switch is thrown by hand.  No switch contacts are required!

The TCSC uses the Signalogic Systems 2-wire switch control interface, allowing seamlessly connecting our SCP and WCZM signal system interfaces.

TCSCs are also available in a bulk pack of 10. – Atlas Track Switches – PECO Switch Motors


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