Switch Interface Module for DBM


The WCZM provides a standardized switch machine interface for the DBM signal controller.  Up to four switch interfaces are supported per module.

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Switch Machine Interface for DBM


The WCZM is an input and output module for the DBM signal controller.  The module implements Signalogic Systems’ two-wire switch I/O interface standard.

Switch Interface Standard

Switch machine control products provided by Signalogic Systems utilize a two-wire interface.  Each switch interface has an output ‘Z’ wire and an input ‘C’ wire.

Switch Control

The ‘Z’ wire provides the control interface.  Each time the Z line is momentarily connected to the negative supply (ground), the switch machine(s) request to throw to the opposite position.

Switch Position Indication

The ‘C’ wire provides the switch position.  This is a three-state line where the switch controller drives the line to the positive supply when the switch is normal, drives the line to the negative supply (ground) when the switch is reversed or leaves the wire unconnected (open-circuit) if the switch is in neither position (transitioning other other).  This interface allows for a prototypical implementation of a signal system.

Ganged Switch Machines

Signalogic Systems’ switch controllers allow for ganging of two switch machines together in one switch interface for cases such as crossovers, single-slip switches and movable point diamonds.  As a result, only one switch control interface is required in these cases just like the prototype.

WCZM Function

The WCZM allows for the connection of four (4) switch machine interfaces.  The WCZM will pull the Z line to ground when the DBM requests a switch to throw.  The WCZM will read the C line for each switch input and provide switch position status to the DBM.

Compatible Products

The SCP is compatible with our line of switch control products:


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