Tortoise Switch Machine Controller


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The TSMSC Tortoise Switch Machine controller is a member of our switch control product line.  The controller plugs directly onto the Circuitron Tortoise model railroad switch controller.  The TSMSC uses our standard switch control interface.  This interface uses one wire for control and one wire for feedback (indication) of the switch machine position.  Our switch control interface reports the prototypical three-state position status of: Normal, Reverse, and neither.

A single press of a pushbutton toggles the switch points to the opposite position.  While the switch machine is in motion, the TSMSC reports the switch in neither position just as prototypical switch machines do.

When the TSMSC powers up, it uses one of the internal Tortoise contacts to determine to determine the position of the switch to retain position instead of moving the switch points to a default state.

The second Tortoise contact is accessible via an onboard terminal block for external circuit requirements such as frog power routing.

The TSMSC is compatible with the new form factor of the Tortoise as well as the old narrower version.

Also available in a bulk pack of 10. – Circuitron Tortoise Information


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