About Us

SINCE 1998


A Passion for signals

Railway signals were a passion for me for as along as I can remember.  Signalogic Systems was born out of an interest in model railroading and nothing being available on the market that operated like real railroading.  I am lucky enough to make my career in railroad signaling, both freight and passenger systems.  Having an understanding of actual signal system architectures and behaviours has allowed for the development of products that are both reliable and prototypical.


Signalogic Systems strives to provide model railroad customers with realistically operating equipment to enhance their enjoyment of the hobby.  Our goal is to produce products that function like the prototype without the need to perform complex programming or design.


Located in Edmonton, Alberta, we also perform work for industry and when that work is complete, we look forward to spending time to help our model railroad customers!


Best regards,

Kevin Rudko, President