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Signalogic Systems Offers Rail Signalling Services- April 2012

Signalogic Systems has long provided signal services to model railroad enthusiasts, but as of this month President Kevin Rudko brings Signalogic Systems formally into the actual rail signalling industry.  Mr. Rudko brings a wealth of experience from the heavy rail and transit industries to now allow Signalogic Systems to offer specialized services to railway suppliers and operators.


Switch Control Products Are Here- October 2010

Two new switch control products are now available from Signalogic Systems.  The Tortoise Slow Motion Switch Controller (TSMSC) is a simple way to provide simple control and feedback from Tortoise switch machines. The Switch Control Panel (SCP) is a simple and elegant way to add fascia mounted control of a switch and is equipped with LEDs to provide indications of the switch.


New Switch Control Products - March 2010

Two new switch control products will soon be available from Signalogic Systems.  The new products will allow seamless operation of twin-coil switch machines such as a PECO switch machine as well as a Circuitron Tortoise switch machine.  A common fascia mountable control board is also available to control both control circuit types.


BL-2 Update - January 2010

The BL-2 has been updated with newer digital sound.  The new model provides better quality sound and a greater level of power output.  Three versions will be offered: a fast and slow mechanical bell and an electronic bell as is most common now.


DBM Signal System - September 08

Nearly a decade of development is nearly complete and with it will usher in a new era of model railroad signaling.  A modular system that is simple enough for everyone, but also complex enough to signal the most complex layouts in existence. 

In addition to being easy to set-up, this system can easily be used with modular layouts including standardized schemes such as FREE-MO.  Simply draw the modified dispatcher's panel for each layout configuration and at a click of a button
reconfigure the hardware before your next session.

CR-2 Crossing Controller - September 08

The next generation in model railroad grade crossings is almost here!  The CR-2 allows any modeller to realistically create operational grade crossings using your favorite model crossing signals.  Based on actual crossing circuits, the CR-2 properly operates crossings based on the approach of a train to a crossing.  Gates can be modelled with the use of a Circuitron Tortoise TM, or two RC servo motors.


New Website - June 08

For those of you who have followed Signalogic Systems through the years, this is a bold new website that will evolve along with our products.


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