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Signalogic Systems provides the most realistic model railroad signal systems available. This includes:


The CR-2 grade crossing system replaces the CR-1 that has been used flawlessly by model railroaders since 1998!  The CR-2 allows realistic crossing systems with or without bells or gates for all scales.  The system is plug and play with minimal wiring required.  The CR-2 system is also very flexible, allowing many different detection devices to be used.


The DBM signal system will also be available very soon.  The signal system has been Beta testing to ensure proper operation.  The system will allow virtually any track arrangement to be signaled realistically with no signal knowledge or computer programming required!  We've worked hard to ensure that building a signal system can be done by anyone.


Our crossing and signal systems work together as one with many options for detection and actual signal models.  There is no dependence on scale either!


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