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A New Standard in Crossing Control

Automatic Grade crossing signals are a great addition for any model railroader.  A crossing installation does not constitute an entire signal system.  It is an isolated system that is easy to install compared with signal systems. 

Crossings can ultimately be categorized as animated scenery that interacts with the trains that you run on your layout.  For the price of a good locomotive with DCC sound, you can have a realistic crowd pleaser that works flawlessly with every passing train.  


CR-2: Crossing Controller.
CR-2 Model Railroad Crossing Controller

Simply the most realistic crossing control available.  From a menu-based setup, settings and signal output options are accessed to enable the use of your favourite signal manufacturers.  Chose whether or not to use gates or bells and adjust settings like flash-rate and detection sensitivity.

CR-2 Installation and User Manual

Don't Worry About Number of Tracks.

MT-2: Additional Track Module.

The CR-2 handles one track at a crossing.  For each additional track, add an MT-2 to your system to make your crossing multi-track.  Each MT-2 plugs directly into the CR-2 system.

Realistic Sound to Top It Off

BL-2: The Electronic Bell 

Add sound to your crossing with an external speaker.  The BL-2 plugs directly onto the CR-2 and features volume control.   For crossings with gates, the CR-2 allows a number of different bell operation options.

Videos: Seeing is believing

What do they do?. Crossing signal systems are designed to warn motorists of approaching trains.  Ideally, motorists should be given a consistent warning of an approaching train to ensure motorists understand their need to stop.  Different technologies exist that help to accomplish this.

Crossing Systems

Signal Types.
Modern crossing warning signals utilize pairs of red alternately flashing lights to warn motorists of approaching trains. In addition, many crossings utilize 'gates' which descend across the roadway to deter traffic from crossing the railroad tracks.  An audible warning bell is also used to warn pedestrians of train traffic. 

Three-track crossings.
This is the oldest type of crossing.  When a train enters the bounds of the crossing, the warning signals activate until the train clears away from the road.

Motion-sensing crossings.
Special sensing circuits in the track detect the motion of a train approaching the crossing. If a train stops within the bounds of the crossing, the crossing signals will stop operating after a set period of time.

Grade Crossings

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