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Our History

Ten years of model railway signals in 2008.

Signalogic Systems came into existence to provide realistic signal systems to model railroaders.  After a decade of development, a new era of model railroad signaling is near.
Now, Signalogic Systems has grown to also provide services to railway and transit signalling industry.


Industry: Provide professional services at a reasonable rate.

Signalogic Systems offers knowledgeable and valuable solutions to railway suppliers and operators at minimal costs. Our low overheads and small corporate structure allow us to be very flexible to meet our clients needs.

Models: Realistic signals for anyone.

Our products make complex grade crossing and block signaling possible.  No traditional computer coding required.  Our approach means we have already done the hard part for you.


15623 112 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
Canada, T5M 2V8

Ph. 587-520-5390

A bit about the real thing...
To learn a bit about prototypical railroad signalling, click on the different product pages.

Related Sites

Edmonton Society of Model Railway Engineers.
The ESMRE has provided the beta-test grounds for Signalogic Systems over the last decade.

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